Veneer Plywood

Veneer Plywood Suppliers and Exporters in Delhi NCR - India

In wooden anatomy, veneer refers to thin slices of wood, usually thinner than 3mm; it is produced by either peeling off trees or cutting rectangular slices of wood. Veneer is almost the beginning of many wooden constructions. The history of veneer dates back to Egyptian civilization when the Egyptians first used wood veneers to construct their furniture, Romans also used the wood veneer extensively later on. Wood veneers are very important, they can be crafted to give many shapes and structures (plywood is made by gluing three or more layers of veneer, each glued at right angles). Veneers are more stable than wood and is used extensively. With the extreme support of highly skilled vendors we offer a vast range of veneer, which is made available in many shapes and size. We offer an extensive range of natural and recon veneer, intented to fulfill our client’s demand.

Natural Veneer Plywood

Recon Veneer Plywood