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Nothing can beat the pine board

Majorly, there are two types of boards in the market – Popular & Pine. As the name suggest popular board is made using popular wood whereas pine board is made using the pine wood. When we say pine board, it means that the filling of wood inside the board is that of pine wood

At any point of time, quality of pine board is much better than the popular board. Also, since pine board is heavier than the popular board, it is highly advisable for the high quality & durable furniture making. Since it has a good acceptance and is seen as a mark of quality, various reputed builders, contactors, furniture exporters, OEMS are using the pine board in their projects. Even the furniture in high budget households is made using the pine boards. If we talk about cupbaords specially that are made of pine board last longer and gives a quality heavy look as compared to popular boards.  Also, boards made of pine wood are highly resistant to warping & shrinking. Because of this feature, they are highly recommended for shutters etc.

Also, they are now available in various thicknesses like 19 MM, 25 MM etc. Apart from thickness they also come in different length and width. Most popular sizes are 8 by 4 feet and 7 by 4 feet. But other sizes like 8 by 3 feet, 7 by 3 feet, 6 by 3 feet and 6 by 4 feet are also available. 19 MM is used normally in furniture making whereas in some rare cases 25 MM thick is also used. Apart from this, they are also available in IS 710 (Waterproof) format, which means they can also be applied in kitchens, vanity etc i.e areas which are prone to water. All the major companies have pine boards and along with it various local non branded products have flooded the market with their products. Quality of boards of some of these companies are at par or even better as compared to branded ones. But the rate of non branded pine baords is much cheaper as compared to the branded ones. Some companies also give the warranty on the boards against  termite, warping etc. When one is buying, he/she should be careful that they don’t land up in buying duplicate products as lot of  duplicity is prevalent in the market these days. That’s why producers are adopting various technological measures like QR code mapping etc and other various measures to control it.

We at Delhi Timber Sales Corporation keep all the different kind of pine boards in all the thicknesses and sizes, which can be explained below with the help of bullet points

  • All the major brands and non brands available
  • Available in 19 MM, 25 MM etc
  • Available in all sizes like 8 by 4 feet, 7 by 4 feet, 8 by 3 feet, 7 by 3 feet, 6 by 3 feet and 6 by 4 feet etc
  • Available at different price points

Popularity of pine board is not going to decline in the years to come.

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