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Delhi Timber provides HDHMR Board in all thickness

Delhi Timber keeps the stock of all the thicknesses of HDHMR board. We have ready stock of any thickness required in good quantities. We supply it to various retailers and OEMs. Thicknesses available with us are 3 MM, 5.5 MM, 8 MM, 12 MM, 16 MM, 18 MM, 25 MM etc. We can also provide it in prelam format (OSL, BSL, OSR, BSB) as per the order.

HDHMR Boar stands for High Density High Moisture Resistant Board. Some of the key characteristics of HDHMR board are it is termite resistant, water resistant and also it comes with the warranty. This product is gaining popularity with each passing day and it is much cheaper as compared to water proof plywood. HDHMR board is callibirated i.e it has same thickness across all the four sides of the board. It is exterior grade and can be easily used outdoors. Its finishing is much better than the plywood.

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