Laminate Details

Laminated sheets are not a very old innovation in wooden industry. The innovators of laminated plastic sheets are two engineers from pittsburgh, Herbert A Faber and Daniel J O Cornor, who discovered that plasctic sheets can be used as a lamination, in ealier 1900’s .  After 1900 since its innovation, laminated sheets have found its extensive application in numerous construction and crafting purposes. We are a renowned name in timber industry when it comes to trading in laminated sheets. With extra-attractive design and availability at cheapest rates, the Laminated Sheets we offer holds a huge client demand and is trusted by customers all around. Our diligent vendors are always busy in extracting and implementing the best ideas and give our client a unique product, always meeting excellence and satisfactions. The laminated sheets are made from paper and plastic resins, these sheets are often used as an overlay to wooden surfaces for increasing its beauty and appearances. Laminated sheetsare more popular in modern industry, where beautiful laminations are demanded for offices, restaurants, cabinets of hotels homes etc. Laminated sheets provides an add up advantage to a product and increases its beauty


  • Extraordinarily attractive
  • Available in versatile colors and designs
  • Crafted with selected materials
  • Highly durable; lasts extremely longer
  • Less or no maintenance required
  • Installation is less labour intensive
  • Availablity of multiple thickness
  • Offered at the most standard market rates
  • All designs available throughout the year
  • Multiple brands available
  • Even discontinued designs can be made available in some cases
  • All finishes available including Gloss, High Gloss, Tuff Gloss, Brush, Cement, Leather, Texture etc.

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