Maple Wood

Maple Wood Details

Maple wood is a prime decorative wood. There are more than 120 species of Maplein the world, most of which are native to Asia. Most species of maple are deciduous (shed its leaves seasonally). It holds a great use in making decorative items as well as musical instruments (maple is popularly called a tonal wood, as it is widely used in manufacturing musical instruments). We offer a wide assortment of maple woods suited to meet our client’s expectations. The range of maple wood we offer can be used for decoration as well as flooring and furniture making.


  • Extremely beautiful and lustrous
  • Multiple dimensions available
  • Multiple lengths available
  • Available of genuine KD (Kiln Dried) wood directly imported from the origin
  • Specifically crafted for a splendid look
  • Can be used diversely; from flooring to making musical instruments
  • Offered at the most normal rates

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