Walnut Wood

Walnut Wood Details

Walnut tree not only offers fruits to satisfy your taste-buds but also provides one of the most beautiful woods intended to meet your decoration needs. Walnut is straight grained decorative wood which comes in dark brown to yellowish color. One of the major attractions of walnut wood is its serene antique color which presents a unique texture when incarnated into a dining table or flooring. We offer only original and distinct walnut woods which you can use for your decoration needs. With the solemn support of our spirited vendors we promise to present you the best walnut woods available in the market.


  • Only best quality Walnut Woods are presented
  • Availablity of genuine Kiln Dried (KD) Material
  • Directly imported from the origin
  • Available in multiple lengths, thickness & width.
  • Extremely diverse in usage
  • Exceptionally durable

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